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Seniors Without Savings

I’ve written previously about the difficulties faced by older adults who haven’t saved for retirement. For example, in this post from 2013 I wrote about the large numbers of Americans who will either have to delay retirement or work during … Continue reading

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Relocating to a Retirement Community: “Settling In”

I recently read Richard Morgan’s 2006 book Settling In: My First Year in a Retirement Community. At age 74, Morgan, a retired Presbyterian minister, moved from Morgantown, North Carolina to a retirement community in Western Pennsylvania. He and his wife … Continue reading

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Spiritual Journeys

Soul Searchers: An Anthology of Spiritual Journeys (Eerdmans, 2002), complied by freelance editor Teresa de Bertodano, is a collection of biographical, autobiographical or fictional accounts of life events that convey something of who each person was or was called to be. … Continue reading

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Preparing for an Aging Population

A recent USA Today article by Sharon Jayson considers whether the country is prepared for the tremendous increase in the number of seniors that will occur in the next few decades.  Not surprisingly, Jayson concludes:  “Despite some pockets of progress, … Continue reading

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Spirituality for Life’s Second Half

A book that I’ve been reflecting on since reading it a few months ago is  Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr.  We humans think about and experience spiritual realities differently as we mature, and Rohr offers a valuable perspective … Continue reading

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Medicare Options

As I recently wrote, I am now covered by Medicare.  Lou Wislocki of Wislocki Insurance did an excellent job of teaching me the ins and outs of the Medicare program.  I asked him if he would be willing to provide a summary … Continue reading

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Older Adults Are Entering Psychotherapy in Larger Numbers

For years, the mental health community has viewed older adults as being unwilling to enter psychotherapy for emotional problems.  The thinking has been that greater receptivity would only occur when baby boomers entered older adulthood in large numbers.  However, a … Continue reading

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Interview: Pastoral Care for Older Adults

Because of their health problems and limited mobility, my parents haven’t been able to attend their church for several years.  I have been impressed by how effectively the church—LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church, in Grand Rapids, Michigan—has provided pastoral care … Continue reading

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Older Adults Month

May is Older Adults Month, per government proclamation.  This is a tradition; the site for the federal Administration on Aging states that “Every year since 1963, May has been a month to appreciate and celebrate the vitality and aspirations of … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Ratings

U.S. News and World Report recently released its ratings of nursing homes in the U.S. The ratings are based on data from the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and consist of an overall score plus scores in three … Continue reading

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