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The Reluctant Caregiver and Agape

Several weeks ago, Paula Span of the New Old Age blog wrote about “The Reluctant Caregiver.” She’s referring to someone who is providing care for someone in need of help but provides the care grudgingly rather than willingly.  She cites … Continue reading

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Depression in Older Adults: Symptoms

Sally was feeling sad.  This wasn’t a new experience for her; depression had been a frequent visitor throughout life.  Having grown up with an alcoholic, physically abusive father and a mother who provided little care and blamed her for the … Continue reading

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“I Am Enjoying Dying”

I recently read a eulogy of Gordon Cosby, founder of Washington D.C.’s Church of the Savior, by Jim Wallis.  Cosby died Wednesday at age 94.  I was struck by something Cosby recently said to Wallis:  “I am enjoying dying.”  What … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Me, senescent:
I loaf and invite my soul On March 21 nearly every year I give my students a quiz of one question. “Why is today the most important day of the year?” Almost never does a…

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The Day of Darkness: Bring in the Candles

On May 19, 1780, the sky over New England turned dark during what should have been daylight hours.  The darkness was observed as far south as New Jersey and as far north as Portland, Maine.  It took several hours for the gloom to pass; … Continue reading

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What Matters Most to Assisted Living Residents

The National Center for Assisted Living reports that the average age of individuals in assisted living facilities in the US is 86.9 years.  The average length of stay is about 28 months.   Martin Bayne is an exception to the typical assisted living … Continue reading

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Boomer Health

A recent segment on National Public Radio describes the poor health of the Baby Boomer generation.  Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, so they are now in their late 40s to mid-60s.  A group of researchers led by Dana … Continue reading

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