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Is Midlife a Time of Calm or of Turmoil?

I ran across an interesting quote on middle age by George Eliot. She wrote: “The middle aged, who have lived through their strongest emotions, but are yet in the time when memory is still half passionate and not merely contemplative, … Continue reading

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Update: So you’re retired, what do you do all day? by Bob Lowry

Bob Lowry is one of my favorite bloggers on the topic of retirement. This is a nice recent post of his on the subject of how retirees spend their time. He challenges the notion that retirement is lived “on the … Continue reading

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Simplification of Character

I’ve been thinking recently about the psychological task of simplification as it pertains to late life. I’m following the outline provided by twentieth-century theologian Lewis Joseph Sherrill, who says that simplification involves “distinguishing the more important from the less important, … Continue reading

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