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Complicated Grief

There was recently an article in the New York Times about complicated grief. Virtually everyone experiences intense suffering after losing someone they are close to, but most don’t have that intense suffering continue on for over a year without lessening … Continue reading

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Grandparents Day

I recently went for Grandparents Day at my grandchildren’s school. All three of my grandchildren are in the same school for just one year–Calvin in 6th grade, Theo in 2nd grade, and Willa in preschool. Next year, Calvin will go … Continue reading

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Material Simplification, Part 2: Hoarding

I recently posted a piece on material simplification. This was one of several posts exploring the idea that simplification is the most important psychological task of late adulthood. Material simplification, as described by theologian Lewis Joseph Sherrill, consists of “distinguishing … Continue reading

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