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Playing Pool While Old

“Ya got trouble folks,” sang Professor Harold Hill, the con man in The Music Man, “Right here in River City Trouble with a capital ‘T’ And that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for pool!” Professor Hill convinces the town … Continue reading

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Learning About Life From The Obituaries

Do you read the obituaries? Though I’m getting to the age where I probably should, I seldom do. Just as pedestrians tend to depend on others to look for traffic when crossing the road, I depend on my mom and … Continue reading

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“Mr. Holmes”–A Reflection

This isn’t a review, but a reflection. The movies that intrigue me do so because they explore questions like how we should live our lives, what makes for good (and bad) relationships, and how we come to be made whole … Continue reading

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Are Your Memories High- or Low-Resolution?

Here’s a comment that most of us would attribute to an older adult: “I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I can remember the name of my 4th grade teacher.” We seniors are known for being better at retaining long-term … Continue reading

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John Paul II on Contributions of the Elderly: Wisdom and Story

In 1999, Pope John Paul II wrote a letter which he addressed “To my elderly brothers and sisters!”  In it he reviewed Biblical passages pertinent to the elderly, reflected on the role of the elderly in society, and provided pastoral … Continue reading

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