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Unfinished Business

I recently wrote a brief article on “unfinished business” for the website at Psychology Associates of Grand Rapids, where I work part-time as a therapist.  According to psychologist Fritz Perls, our unfinished business consists of all the emotionally significant events … Continue reading

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The Death of a Parent

In January, the New Yorker website had an excellent (though rather long) article by novelist Mark Slouka on the effect that his father’s death had on him. He describes himself now as “orphaned at fifty-five, nobody’s son, trying to plot … Continue reading

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My Life Story: Becoming a Practicing Psychologist

In a previous post about changes in midlife, I described several significant changes that I underwent. The first of these was that, at age 32, I decided that I wasn’t satisfied teaching what I hadn’t practiced, and sought part-time (later full-time) clinical … Continue reading

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Why Older Adults Are Lousy Multitaskers

I’m a multitasker. I started today by simultaneously eating breakfast, watching CBS This Morning, and reading an article on Pope Francis. Later, I jumped from computer to tablet to phone. Unfortunately, whenever I multitask I miss out on important information, … Continue reading

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