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Life Review: My Hardest Work Experience

I recently talked with a young adult friend about difficulties she’s having at work, and ended up telling her about the most difficult experience I had in five decades in the workplace. I’ve decided to write out the story as … Continue reading

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Playing Pool While Old

“Ya got trouble folks,” sang Professor Harold Hill, the con man in The Music Man, “Right here in River City Trouble with a capital ‘T’ And that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for pool!” Professor Hill convinces the town … Continue reading

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“Bring an Item That Holds Great Personal Value”

The psychology practice where I work part-time recently had a one day retreat. Everyone who attended was asked to bring a bag containing: 1) A favorite hat, scarf, or other personal item (tee shirt?) that you enjoy wearing 2) One … Continue reading

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Are Your Memories High- or Low-Resolution?

Here’s a comment that most of us would attribute to an older adult: “I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I can remember the name of my 4th grade teacher.” We seniors are known for being better at retaining long-term … Continue reading

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A Five-Sentence Life Story

I wrote recently about the benefits of life review. Since I left full-time work in the summer of 2012, I have been thinking more about my past, that that seems to be leading to a time of life review for me. … Continue reading

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Life Review

A while ago, there was an interesting post on the Changing Aging blog on the topic of memoir and life review.  The author, Gaea Yudron, the director of Sage’s Play, an organization that promotes successful aging, wrote. “As we grow older, we … Continue reading

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Why Do We Attend Reunions?

Why do we attend class reunions?  Why revisit a time in our lives when we weren’t at our best and maybe were at our worst?  Are the people with whom we went to school really so important to us that … Continue reading

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