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Friendships: Who Stays and Who Goes

I wrote¬†earlier about how friendships change over the years. After our children leave home and we retire (or just work less), most of us have more time to spend with friends. When we reach that point, some of us reconnect … Continue reading

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Older Adulthood: The Second Great Age of Passion

I wrote recently about a passage in George Elliot’s novel The Mill on the Floss suggesting that middle-aged adults are particularly well-equipped to assist adolescents and young adults through their times of emotional turmoil. Elliot reasons that the middle-aged are … Continue reading

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Spiritual Simplification, or Jesus at the Door with Burgers, Fries, and a Drink

Several months ago, I started a series of posts in response to theologian Lewis Joseph Sherrill’s contention that simplification is the primary psychological task of late adulthood. Sherrill described simplification as ‚Äúdistinguishing the more important from the less important, getting … Continue reading

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