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The Seven Deadly Sins for Seniors: Envy

The Men’s Group at my church has been reading and discussing the book Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies” by the philosopher Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung. DeYoung believes that. by studying the “capital vices” … Continue reading

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“You Don’t Really Start Getting Old Until You Stop Learning”

In the June 5 issue of Time magazine, Bill Gates was interviewed about the books that have influenced him. I was struck by one of his comments: “You don’t really start getting old until you stop learning.” Is that true? … Continue reading

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A Mentor From Hell

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a mentor is “an experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help over a period of time.” We turn to mentors to get some sense of what lies ahead and how … Continue reading

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Maturity and Wisdom: Lessons from King Lear

Adults supposedly gain wisdom as they age, but there are plenty of exceptions. Shakespeare’s King Lear is certainly one of these. As I wrote earlier, Lear foolishly elicits exaggerated professions of love from his daughters, disinheriting the one who is … Continue reading

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John Paul II on Contributions of the Elderly: Wisdom and Story

In 1999, Pope John Paul II wrote a letter which he addressed “To my elderly brothers and sisters!”  In it he reviewed Biblical passages pertinent to the elderly, reflected on the role of the elderly in society, and provided pastoral … Continue reading

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