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Spiritual and Emotional Maturity: Interview

I previously posted the first part of a conversation with Lisa C., a mental health professional who recently took a new position as a clinical services director at a psychiatric hospital.  The position was quite different from what she had been … Continue reading

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Are Boomers Charitable?

We boomers are self-indulgent, egocentric, conceited, and . . . generous? A blog post on the AARP site reports a recent study found that, among four adult age groups, Boomers gave the largest total amount to charity.  Out of an … Continue reading

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Gray Divorce

Relationships are as important in the second half of life as in the first half.  Unfortunately, relationships in mid- and late-life are not immune to struggle and even failure.  One recent phenomenon is an increase in divorces among middle aged … Continue reading

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Preparing for an Aging Population

A recent USA Today article by Sharon Jayson considers whether the country is prepared for the tremendous increase in the number of seniors that will occur in the next few decades.  Not surprisingly, Jayson concludes:  “Despite some pockets of progress, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Attend Reunions?

Why do we attend class reunions?  Why revisit a time in our lives when we weren’t at our best and maybe were at our worst?  Are the people with whom we went to school really so important to us that … Continue reading

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Older Adults Are Entering Psychotherapy in Larger Numbers

For years, the mental health community has viewed older adults as being unwilling to enter psychotherapy for emotional problems.  The thinking has been that greater receptivity would only occur when baby boomers entered older adulthood in large numbers.  However, a … Continue reading

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Becoming Curmudgeonly: Progress Report

The Merrian-Webster Online Dictionary defines “curmudgeon” as “a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man.”  A particular passion among curmudgeons is to talk about the sorry state of the world today.  Things are not as good as they used to be, whether in the … Continue reading

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Boomer Health

A recent segment on National Public Radio describes the poor health of the Baby Boomer generation.  Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, so they are now in their late 40s to mid-60s.  A group of researchers led by Dana … Continue reading

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