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Thinking About Cancer: Other People’s Stories

I recently posted about my cancer diagnosis. I am scheduled to have a radical prostatectomy next month, that being one of the treatment options available for prostate cancer. Deciding to have the surgery made me aware of things to which … Continue reading

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Physical Simplification, Part 2: Performance

I have been writing about physical simplification in later adulthood. According to Lewis Joseph Sherrill, to simplify physically is to accept the changes that occur in our bodies as we age, focusing on those physical features that are most important … Continue reading

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Not Ready To Be Old

I recently encountered a  new blog in which the writer intends to explore the “third act” of life, i.e. the time past age 55. She begins by telling that her grandmother at age 65 wondered how she had gotten so old, … Continue reading

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Mom On Her Own

When my dad went into a nursing home on June 4, it was the first time that he and my mom lived apart in their 68 years of marriage. Mom was exhausted from caring for him. I expected she would … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Bob and I’m Redeployed

Recently, as part of a series of posts about leisure and retirement, I relayed that today’s older adults are less likely than those in the previous generation or two to quit working entirely, and those who do quit working or switch to … Continue reading

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Reinvention or Renewal

I read quite a few blog posts having to do with older adulthood.  Several months ago, I started noticing that, among posts giving advice about how to age successfully, one frequent theme was self-reinvention.  Such advice is often given to … Continue reading

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Spiritual and Emotional Maturity: Interview

I previously posted the first part of a conversation with Lisa C., a mental health professional who recently took a new position as a clinical services director at a psychiatric hospital.  The position was quite different from what she had been … Continue reading

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On the Superfluity of Electric Power, the Internet, and Other Newfangled Inventions

James Thurber, in My Life and Hard Times, described his grandmother’s suspicions of electricity, at the time a new and mysterious technology.  She “lived the latter years of her life in the horrible suspicion that electricity was dripping invisibly all … Continue reading

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