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“Touch Me”

There’s an interesting incident near the end of David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus Infinite Jest that says a lot about how humans treat each other. It’s the story of Barry Loach, the head trainer at Enfield Tennis Academy. Earlier, Barry’s … Continue reading

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Simplification of Character

I’ve been thinking recently about the psychological task of simplification as it pertains to late life. I’m following the outline provided by twentieth-century theologian Lewis Joseph Sherrill, who says that simplification involves “distinguishing the more important from the less important, … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Caregiver and Agape

Several weeks ago, Paula Span of the New Old Age blog wrote about “The Reluctant Caregiver.” She’s referring to someone who is providing care for someone in need of help but provides the care grudgingly rather than willingly.  She cites … Continue reading

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