In case you’re wondering if you live on ….

This is a beautiful post from Lynn at her blog “All These Days That Came and Went” about how her mother influenced her and continues to do so many years after her death.  As she points out, when we look at our aging selves we see our parents manifest in us.  In the process, we become a tribute to them.

All those days that came and went ...

Beautiful GardenDear Mom,
In case you’re wondering how, or even if, you live on in our lives — I wanted to reassure you that the seeds you so carefully sowed all those many years ago are thriving and even propagating strong new shoots. The careful preparation of the soil, the tending of that young garden, the hallmarks of your special touch are still evident today.

I see your face in the mirror and realize it’s me. I see your fingers on this keyboard and see the same characteristic marks of your hard-working hands. I welcome home my college student with the same joy and urges to feed him and spoil him — just like you did for me. An inexplicable irritableness can sometimes intervene in the simplest dealings with teen-somethings — remember those turbulent waters?

I hear your voice coming out of my mouth when I sing, and laugh at…

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I am a fourth-generation American of Dutch ancestry and am trained as a clinical psychologist. In 2012, I retired from Methodist University in North Carolina to return to . Michigan to help family, and, in 2023, I started again with a move to Milwaukee to be near my children. I maintain a part-time therapy practice. I can be reached at
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  1. lynnmorstead says:

    I’m very honored that you have chosen to reblog my posting. Thanks! Lynn

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